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Aerospace companies are ready for takeoff on Aero+B2BeeMatch

B2BeeMatch ended a fruitful 2021 with an exciting new milestone when the Ontario Aerospace Council (OAC) joined our growing roster of international partners.

What does this mean for the aerospace sector? As it faces several challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re proud to offer its members a powerful online alternative to in-person networking.

Within the B2BeeMatch business matchmaking platform, we’ve built Aero+B2BeeMatch, a customized digital hub for this industry.

A tool for growth

Simply put, Aero+B2BeeMatch leverages artificial intelligence to connect small and medium-sized aerospace companies the world over, while also promoting networking across industrial clusters and with other sectors. As global competition becomes ever fiercer, small and medium-sized businesses can use this tool to capitalize on their capabilities and increase sales locally and internationally.

The desired results include more investments in research and development, the development of promising new technologies, accelerated job creation and a thriving industry.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in fundamental changes to how companies communicate and collaborate, especially at a distance. Adoption of digital technology is particularly critical for SMBs looking to grow and diversify through new business and new markets,” said Natasha Gagnon, senior manager of the OAC.

Sector-specific matchmaking and beyond

This new hub is an exciting development because:

  • it allows us to welcome key players in an important Canadian industry into an environment that’s conducive to intelligence-sharing, benchmarking and business development.

  • it creates an opportunity to eventually connect the global aerospace sector on the same platform.

If you’re a member of the aerospace industry, come join your digital hub! It was created with one goal in mind: to deliver valuable connections and opportunities through features developed specifically for your sector.

If your company serves the aerospace sector, we hope that you’ll benefit from promising matches with aerospace companies on our platform.

Note that non-aerospace companies that are B2BeeMatch members may come up as potential matches for Aero+B2BeeMatch members when appropriate—such as if an aerospace company is seeking a PR firm, an accounting company, or web services. If your company doesn’t currently serve the aerospace industry but would like to start, now is the perfect time to review your company profile to help improve your matches.

No matter which subsector of the aerospace industry your company specializes in, you’re welcome to join the Aero+B2BeeMatch online hub.

The stratospheric business of aerospace

How important is the aerospace business? The global aerospace and defense industry reported $697 billion in revenue and $25 billion in operating profit in 2020, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers. And that’s despite the negative impact of the current pandemic.

Canada, where B2BeeMatch is based, is home to approximately 580 aerospace companies. In 2020, despite being faced with the shutdown of the travel industry, the country’s aerospace sector contributed $22.3 billion to the GDP and exported more than 75% of its products to 186 countries across six continents. With investments of $934 million in research and development in 2020, aerospace has an R&D intensity five times higher than the average Canadian manufacturer.

Accounting for 28% of all Canadian aerospace activity, the province of Ontario boasts six billion dollars in annual sales in this sector, as well as 46,000 direct and indirect jobs. Ontario-made aerospace parts are used on virtually every passenger aircraft in the world.

SMBs worth knowing

While aerospace giants are well known around the globe, the industry is filled with small and medium-sized players who bring solid contributions.

Here are three examples from Ontario:

  • Aviya Aerospace Systems is a company that delivers innovative, customized and turnkey engineering solutions to the world’s largest original equipment manufacturers in aerospace and defense. With its capabilities in systems, software, hardware electronics and mechanical engineering, it solves technical problems and ensures compliance. Using advanced technologies such as its proprietary Closed Loop Bench (CLB) testing environment, this Ontario company, based in Mississauga, is changing the way that mission-critical systems are developed and tested.

  • In Oakville, Ontario, Coordinate Industries makes precision-machined parts to the exact specifications of its clients. One of its main strengths is supplying complete machining and electromechanical assembly while meeting tight tolerances. The business’s aerospace division—which serves the likes of Bombardier, Airbus and MHI Canada—produces structural articles and components approved for installation on aircraft, such as door frames and cockpit window trim.

  • WPR Consulting, in Cambridge, Ontario, is a representation firm that offers cutting-edge manufacturing solutions to companies making composite parts and processing composite materials. Its portfolio contains just about anything its clientele could need in this field, as well as solutions for paperless work instructions. One of these solutions gives technicians hand-free access to relevant information via documents, images, video and even holograms for remote support anywhere in the world.

Be an early adopter: Join Aero+B2BeeMatch

As Canadian aerospace companies like these start registering on Aero+B2BeeMatch, join them and take advantage of our free sign-up to this new online hub.

This year, our goal is to start bringing together the Canadian aerospace industry from coast to coast to coast. Later, we hope to welcome thousands of users in North and South America, as well as Europe, the Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.

Opportunities abound in the aerospace industry, and the sky is literally the limit. Join us and soar!

To create your aerospace company’s profile, just head to Aero+B2BeeMatch. It’s easy and it’s free! Also follow B2BeeMatch on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for updates and insights about this dynamic business matchmaking platform.

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