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Aero+B2BeeMatch takes flight at the world’s biggest airshow

A group of planes ascend against a blue sky.

The international launch of Aero+B2BeeMatch is happening this month at the Farnborough International Airshow

With Aero+B2BeeMatch, the digital business networking platform engineered for the aerospace sector, we’re excited to explore the new heights that small and medium-sized businesses can achieve in aerospace—locally and internationally (and, one day, galactically)! As such, B2BeeMatch and our partners at the Ontario Aerospace Council (OAC) are heading to the world’s biggest airshow, the Farnborough International Airshow, to launch our platform to an international audience.

Farnborough International Airshow

Why are we going to the Farnborough International Airshow?

Every two years, Farnborough welcomes over 80 000 industry professionals into an exciting aviation hub of over 1500 exhibitors. There are market-leading companies who specialize in every aspect of the aerospace sector—from defense to manufacturing, from MRO to space! For five days in July, this corner of the United Kingdom (known as the birthplace of powered flight in the UK!) is the place to be for businesses in the aerospace sector!

In terms of dollar-figures, the opportunities at the 2018 airshow netted US$192 billion in business deals—in just five days! This year, we expect that number to soar even higher!

Global competition is growing, and to give the small and medium-sized businesses of Aero+B2BeeMatch new opportunities for success, we’re thinking globally as well. Farnborough offers an unparalleled opportunity to promote our platform and its members to an international audience and their global supply chains. We can’t wait to take off together from this international launching site!

Why are we going with the Ontario Aerospace Council?

The Ontario Aerospace Council (OAC) is made up of over 200 aerospace companies in Ontario, Canada, which represents the majority of the province’s aerospace industry. Like us, they are invested in the growth and success of small and medium-sized businesses in the Ontario aerospace sector and beyond.

Last year, B2BeeMatch teamed up with the Ontario Aerospace Council (OAC) to develop Aero+B2BeeMatch and introduce it to the aerospace sector. Since then, we’ve been working to onboard aerospace companies across Ontario and the world.

Heading into the Farnborough International Airshow, our partnership with the OAC has only grown stronger. They recognize that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is our first chance to really connect with the evolving aerospace and defense sectors, and the perfect opportunity to introduce Aero+B2BeeMatch to an international audience that’s looking for new ways to discover and capitalize on opportunity.

During the airshow, we’ll be working closely with our partners at the OAC to showcase and promote Aero+B2BeeMatch to an international audience of aerospace leaders, and to onboard more aerospace companies from across the pond and around the world.

If you’re interested in learning more about the OAC and their commitment to the aerospace sector, follow their official social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Will any Aero+B2BeeMatch members be there?

At Farnborough’s Ontario Pavilion, we will be joined by several Aero+B2BeeMatch members. These leaders in Canada’s aerospace sector include GasTOPS Ltd, Magellan Aerospace Corporation, Shimifrez Inc, Koss Aerospace and Shimco North America Inc.

Shimco North America Inc.

Shimco manufactures precision parts for the aerospace and defense industries. They specialize in shim and shim-like products as well as research and development services. Safety and integrity are a couple of their core values, which means their products are stable and dependable for their customers and suppliers. They have two goals at the Farnborough International Airshow. First, they want to connect with global Tier 1 companies and distributors. Second, they want companies to know that they have special processes available for treating metal surfaces.

Koss Aerospace

A Tier 1 manufacturer of structural aircraft components and assemblies, Koss Aerospace has been an important figure in the aerospace and defense industries since 1975. They are committed to green initiatives that will protect the environment (and the aerospace sector), to lean manufacturing that eliminates waste and increases efficiency, and to product performance that profits their clients.

Shimifrez Inc

Shimifrez manufactures specialized products for the aerospace sector and beyond! Their specialty lies in photo-etching and electroforming of micro-metal components. As a global leader in fabrication, Shimifrez is continuously innovating and branching out into industries that need their high quality work. Their cost-effective process ensures the quick delivery, precision and accuracy of complex parts.

Magellan Aerospace Corporation

Magellan Aerospace designs, engineers and manufactures aeroproducts for the global aviation, defense and space markets. With a focus on profitable, competitive, environmentally-responsible management, they provide solutions from sounding rockets and microsatellites to flight software and ADCS. At the Farnborough International Airshow, they are ready to connect with satellite prime contractors.


From manufacturing to maintenance, GasTOPS offers many specialized technical and engineering services. They design, manufacture and support advanced health sensing and analysis products with a focus on delivering high performance and responsive aviation components. For over forty years, GasTOPS has reliably innovated solutions that reduce risk and enable efficient maintenance.

What events are we looking forward to at the Farnborough International Airshow?

There are so many opportunities for business networking with the global aerospace sector at the Farnborough International Airshow! Here’s a few that we’re excited about.

The Ontario Aerospace Dinner

Ontario Aerospace Dinner

We’re pleased to sponsor the Ontario Aerospace Dinner and support our partners at the OAC!

Before Aero+B2BeeMatch heads to Farnborough, we’ll meet over 100 guests on July 17 at the OAC’s Ontario Aerospace Dinner. We’re looking forward to an elegant evening of dining at London’s luxurious Royal Automobile Club, and to many opportunities to build local and global connections in the aerospace sector.

We’re also looking forward to the insights of special guest and speaker the Honourable Victor Fedeli, Ontario Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade.

Attend the Ontario Aerospace Dinner on July 17. Get your tickets here.

The Ontario Pavilion

Aero+B2BeeMatch and our partners from the OAC will be stationed in the Ontario Pavilion on July 18. We’ll be connecting with aerospace leaders from around the world and building long-lasting relationships with companies in the aerospace sector!

Find us on July 18 in the Ontario Pavilion at Hall 4 Stand 4520.

The International Launch of Aero+B2BeeMatch


On July 19, the founder and CEO of B2BeeMatch, Karima-Catherine Goundiam will introduce Aero+B2BeeMatch to the global audience of aerospace leaders at Farnborough International Airshow. KC will explain how Aero+B2BeeMatch will help aerospace leaders grow their local and international business opportunities, and she’ll lead an interactive panel discussion about the platform.

Join us on July 19 in the Canadian Pavilion Lounge at Hall 4 Block 4521 from 2:30 to 3:00 pm.

Connecting with Québec and the World

On July 20, the final leg of this year’s Farnborough journey, we’ll be networking with aerospace leaders from Québec during a variety of events. With the help of the OAC, we’ll traverse Québec’s aerospace sector to find exciting new connections!

Find us on July 20 in the Québec Pavilion at Hall 4 Stand 4121.

There’s space for everyone on Aero+B2BeeMatch

Aero+B2BeeMatch is looking forward to attending the Farnborough International Airshow, promoting our business networking platform, connecting with leaders in the aerospace sector and onboarding new companies from around the world.

Current members can be confident that they’ll generate even more leads and better matches as our platform takes off from the world’s biggest airshow!

If you haven’t yet, make sure to join us now by registering on Aero+B2BeeMatch.

Let’s launch—together!

Head to Aero+B2BeeMatch to register your company with the business networking hub engineered for the aerospace sector.

Make sure to follow B2BeeMatch on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for news and updates from our international business networking platform.

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