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How to stop business feast and famine and start a steady work diet!

From business “feast and famine” toward a steady work diet

When you run a small or medium business, you deal with the cycle of business feast and famine. In other words, sometimes you have a ton of clients! And, other times, you don’t. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with the workload. You scale up, you outsource, you work extra-looooong hours. And then, at other times, things drop off for a while. Your contracts wrap up, the next ones haven’t started yet—you’re hungry for more work, more business!

In business, “famine” time is stressful.

While a drop in business can give you a chance to rest, handle clean-up work and invest in business development, this is often a time when small business leaders start to get nervous. What if the company is taking a downturn? What if your market niche is drying up? Was your strategy on track? Or did you miss the mark, and now it’s showing? Self-doubt can creep in—and with it, the desire for reassurance, and the appetite for new clients and new connections.

But “feast” time can be stressful too!

Sure, having lots of business is exciting and positive. Your plate is full. You don’t need to look around for that next tasty morsel. Buuuuut it also means you may end up neglecting that all important business development work. During feast times, it can be tempting to let your networking efforts drop off. Making new contacts and finding new clients are not exactly your number-one priorities when you’re scrambling to meet deadlines and deliver projects!

Unfortunately, that means you end up doing your networking when you’re hungry—or even starving! And there are dangers to this approach. In fact it’s an underlying factor in some of the worst networking habits you can possibly engage in. At best, it can come across as transactional, as if you’re only reaching out because you want something. At worst, it can come across as desperate, off-putting, even ravenous—and that certainly isn’t good for business.

It’s worth your while to work on finding clients even in “feast” mode.

In the long run, it’s better to generate new leads even when you already have a full plate. But, of course, you can’t do everything at once. So here’s where B2BeeMatch comes in. We can help you keep your plate full and your glass topped up! Think of it as the business networking equivalent of passive income.

Instead of spending your time at networking events, or researching new potential leads online, all you need to do is maintain a profile on B2BeeMatch, and we’ll handle the rest! Business matchmaking is a much more efficient way to find new leads than pounding the pavement, whether real or virtual. And the best part is, our business matchmaking service doesn’t change depending on how busy you are—we just keep feeding you warm leads.

B2BeeMatch is here to help you stop the cycle of business feast and famine. The end result? A steadier diet of work and a less stressful business life. Yum!

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