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Business matchmaking—It’s just like online dating

You probably already know how business matchmaking works.

Most people haven’t heard of business matchmaking. So we get a lot of questions about how it works on

But most people do know something about online dating. Well, guess what? They’re basically the same. Only with business matchmaking, it’s not about moonlit walks on the beach—it’s about doing solid business with like-minded entrepreneurs. And best of all, you don’t need to agonize over which selfie to use on your profile. You just need to upload your company logo.

A better profile gives you better matches.

Just like on a dating site, the better your profile is, the better your matches will be. The AI works with the info you provide, so make your profile shine! It works for online dating (find out how to “Optimize Your Dating Profile” in this Forbes article—yes, Forbes! Who knew they were dating experts?) and it works for business matching too.

Show the business world how unique your company is. Give details about your business’s innovative approach, top-notch expertise in its field, awesome corporate social responsibility work, and impressive sustainability efforts. Highlight your enterprise’s accomplishments and awards. This is the information that makes your company desirable to work with, and it will show in your matchmaking results.

What you do is up to you.

Also, just like on a dating site, what you do with each match is up to you. The platform finds your common ground—the places where your business’s needs match up with what another company is offering, and vice versa. Then, B2Bee suggests a match. You get to choose whether you’re interested, and what action you want to take. You can make a connection, put it aside for later, or decide you’re not interested.

Competition or collaboration?

Just like in online dating, you might be matched with someone who’s similar to you—a company you see as a competitor. What you do with your matches is your choice. But you could consider collaborating with your competition. See where your needs match up. See what you can learn from each other. Small and medium businesses can thrive when we have each other’s back! Worst case scenario: you might make a friend instead of finding romance. Or, in business speak: even if you don’t end up working together, you can still broaden your network.

B2Bee will match you with companies you might never otherwise meet, and assist you in making the first move—ahem, the key opening move. Of course, you may or may not end up working with every match. Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don’t—just like in online dating! But it’s the connection that’s important. It’s all about creating opportunities for small and medium businesses to connect—opportunities to take over the business world.

B2BeeMatch helps you open the door. The rest is up to you.

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