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Could your competitor become your collaborator? Yes!

At B2BeeMatch, we’ve heard some questions from members who have received match suggestions with other small businesses they consider to be the competition.

Why would this happen?

Well, our proprietary algorithm works by looking at what each company says they’re looking for and offering. So if you’re getting a match suggestion, it means your company is offering something that another member company wants, or vice versa. Or maybe both at once!

  • Maybe you have slightly different specialties, so you’re not in direct competition.

  • Maybe you work in different geographical areas or market niches.

  • Maybe your expertise is complementary.

  • Maybe your contact networks could benefit each other.

  • Maybe you could help each other grow.

Does that mean you must agree to the match? Of course not. What you do with your matches is totally your choice.

But… we invite you to pause and think about it before you decline the match. If your needs match up, you might want to consider collaborating with your competition. Especially in the current economy, small and medium businesses can all gain when we have each other’s backs!

B2BeeMatch is here to help small businesses connect with opportunities. Sometimes, our matches might surprise you. Consider taking a chance! And, if you do, let us know what happens at!

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