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Q&A: Michela Philp of M.P. Electrical based in the UK

Welcome to the second installment of our B2BeeMembers series! Up today is a female electrician from the United Kingdom who joined B2BeeMatch because she’s searching for professional marketing and branding services—meet Michela Philp!

Michela Philp recently graduated from Cheshire College South & West. Now, she’s a working electrician who runs M.P. Electrical in Cheshire, United Kingdom. When she’s not wiring a new home or replacing an old fuse box with a brand new circuit breaker box, she’s trying to figure out what professional services she needs to make her small business a success.

Michela took time out of her busy schedule to answer our questions about what it’s like to be a woman in a trade, what professional services she’s shopping for, and what online business networking means to her. We gleaned valuable insights about why Michela is using our business matchmaking platform and why she needs professional marketing and branding services now! We also learned that—after “a string of bad jobs”—becoming an electrician really sparked something in Michela!

The trades are largely populated by men. Have you been treated differently by your peers or customers because you’re a female electrician?

Being a woman in a trade has been eye-opening! I didn’t realize when I chose this career that there are so few women in manual trades like mine in the United Kingdom. And, at first, some male electricians were a little dubious. But once they saw that I was capable of doing the job just like them, that soon changed. In the end, I was welcomed into the industry with open arms!

When it comes to customers, they’re very receptive to the fact that I’m a female electrician. I think women feel more comfortable having me in their homes where they’re home alone. And, actually, I get a funny sense from my male customers, especially the older generation, that they look at me and take a certain pride in imagining their own daughters or granddaughters in a similar role. All in all, I’ve had a positive response from my community. Customers seem happy to see me, and that makes me happy too.

What got you interested in being an electrician?

Honestly, I chose this career path because I had a string of bad jobs. I needed to do something practical that challenged my brain. I was actually looking at career information that my son brought home from school when I started thinking about construction and trades. I played with the idea of plumbing or electrical. After booking an interview with my local college, I decided on electrical. After only two weeks, I knew electrical was right for me. And, actually, I finished my first year with distinction: I had the highest grade in my class!

You’re using our platform to find marketing and branding services. What value do you think these professional services will bring to your small business?

I’m currently sourcing work through word of mouth and through some generic business cards I got printed. Marketing and branding services would help me develop a company image that I could promote online. And, well, that’s not something I can do alone.

What challenges do you face when it comes to finding professional marketing and branding services?

One of my main challenges when sourcing professional marketing and branding services is that there seem to be so many out there! I don’t know how to choose.

Another challenge is that I need a personal approach: someone I can call to brainstorm with, someone who really understands my business and my business needs.

And, obviously, pricing is a challenge. Pricing is something that a small business like mine always needs to consider, and I feel prices for professional marketing and branding services aren’t always clear or easy to understand.

Why are you interested in online business networking?

I’m part of a few online business networking groups because I see the immediate and long-term benefits of business networking. In the small business world, we are all in it together, and we have to work together to succeed—especially with people in our own industries. Who better to ask for advice than small business owners who are experiencing the same challenges that I’m experiencing? Or small business owners who have overcome those challenges and are happy to share their wisdom and experience?

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