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5 ways to increase your compliance status score to get the best B2BeeMatch experience

At B2BeeMatch we pride ourselves on our unique vetting process, which ensures that member businesses are only matched with real businesses that have accurate profiles. This is part of what makes us unique as an online business networking platform. No fake profiles here!

Our “compliance status” feature allows you to see how confident we are in completeness and accuracy of the information presented in a member business’s profile. Each business’s compliance status is shown on their profile, with scores ranging from one to five stars.

Five stars indicates that we were able to fully vet the business, so you can be confident that they are the real deal. A profile with three stars may have all the basic information but be missing important details about the services they provide. A score of two or lower means that we do not know enough about this business yet!

Some of the benefits of a high compliance status score include:

  • Making a great first impression with the businesses you are matched with

  • Helping our proprietary algorithm match you with more businesses

  • Becoming a VIBee member!

Our VIBee program is our member appreciation program. Through the VIBee program we promote member business on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and our blog. If you increase your compliance status score to at least four stars, you can become a VIBee member and get access to this promotional opportunity.

So now that we know how important the compliance status score is, let’s go over five ways to increase your score!

Add your logo

Visuals are important! Be sure to include your business logo on your profile to help give the full picture of your business’s identity. Since B2BeeMatch is a platform for businesses rather than individuals, make sure that you do not use a headshot for this, even if you are a sole proprietor. An otherwise outstanding profile can blend into the crowd without a logo, so don’t skip this step! You can also add a banner to your profile to further display your business’s identity.

Tell us about your business!

The ideal business description will briefly outline the type of services you offer and give a glimpse into your brand’s identity. Use this section to tell us about what your business is all about and what you specialize in.

Add links to your business website and social media channels

Linking your website and social media channels allows the B2BeeMatch team to further vet your business, and it’s a great way for other member businesses to learn more about what you do. While you can connect with businesses you match with through B2BeeMatch, you may also want to follow them on other platforms.

Let businesses know what you are offering (and seeking!)

Our proprietary algorithm uses this information to suggest matches to businesses on the platform. Even the best description and the coolest logo won’t get you any matches if you don’t also include information on what you are seeking or offering.

When selecting services, remember that more general categories will cast a wider net of potential matches while subcategories may allow you to show your specializations. Each profile can display a maximum of six services offered and six services seeking, so select wisely!

Add advanced information

This is where things get really interesting! Our advanced information section allows you to show more about what makes your business unique. You may be interested in sharing awards you’ve won or certifications earned. We love to see information about diversity and inclusion. This is also where you could indicate if your business is woman-led, -owned or -operated.

Don’t forget to include information about your business’s creativity, research and innovation or sustainability! All of this information allows others on the platform to better get to know your business, and helps our team to further vet your business’s profile.

Now that you know everything about the benefits of a high compliance status score, and how to increase your profile’s score, sign in to update your profile, or register today!

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