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Our team is super: Check out our superpowers!

At B2BeeMatch, we think our team is pretty super. And a super team is, of course, made up of individual people, each with their own superpowers.

So we thought it would be fun to ask our team members what their special superpowers really are. It turns out that some of those superpowers are exactly the kind you’d expect from a high-quality professional, but some of them are a little more surprising! It just goes to show that what makes us unique makes us awesome.

Read on to learn a bit about the team behind the platform!

Andrea | Writer, Editor and Content Strategist

My superpower is my ability to establish structure, whether it’s a short press release or a complex content strategy. I can quickly figure out what questions a target audience will be asking, what order the answers need to come in, and how information should be laid out in order to make it easy to grasp.

My other, slightly more unusual superpower is that I’m an extreme night owl. It means I’m a weird fit in most office settings, but it’s great for working with an international company that does business across many time zones. Need someone on that 3 a.m. EST meeting with the Paris client? I’m your guy!

Islam | Full Stack Developer

I am a good listener and quick learner. If I don’t know where to start or I don’t understand what I’m working on, I’m good at finding the answers I need without being physically in an office. Another superpower is that I can stay staring at my screen for as long as it takes to finish what I’m doing, because I treat my work as urgent even if it’s a one-line code.

Martha | Strategy Planner

I am a quick learner—no matter what the topic, I enjoy the challenge of learning something new, especially something outside my expertise. This also means I can look critically at an issue or topic, because my only vested interest is in doing the best work I can for our clients.

Allison | Project Coordinator

As a project coordinator with B2BeeMatch and in my other job as a personal chef, multi-tasking and precision are paramount. I think my success with these skills has been partly due to natural inclination, but ultimately, they’ve become superpowers I bring to all my work.

At B2BeeMatch I shift between multiple projects, coordinating different players to ensure all parts are completed as a whole. I also do quality assurance for websites, copywriting and research. As a cook, I manage the varying cooking times needed for individual ingredients and entire menus. I am precise with tools and (mostly) patient with finicky tasks. Whether I am posting blogs or peeling individual chickpeas, at both my jobs I bring multiple moving parts together with meticulous attention to detail.

Tania | Advertising

My superpower is my ability to find the positive in every situation. If an ad campaign is performing less well than usual, I will consider it as a good learning opportunity and adapt it quickly rather than focusing on the negative.

Jade | Writer

My superpower is flexibility. I’m like one of those flexible, stretchable, poseable Gumby toys. Is there a superhero like that? There should be. Because that’s what makes me super. I extend my talents and skills in all kinds of ways. If I’m asked to do something, and I don’t know exactly how to execute that task, I figure it out. I read. I research. I ask questions. I communicate with people on the team. I stretch. And I make it happen.

Susana | Full Stack Developer

My superpowers are remembering the most irrelevant facts (even though I completely forget how to set an upstream repo on GitHub, which I use very often) and being adaptable. I am capable of quickly adapting to changing environments and circumstances. This has helped me in my professional life because I can catch up fast when I switch teams or projects.

Cristina | Graphic Designer

I have the ability to remember and recognize people’s voices. I might not remember their names but I never forget a voice. When I worked at a print shop, I could open the file of a client's project before they even got to my desk just by hearing their voice!

Supriya | Business Engagement Manager

My work superpower is my ability to remain resilient under pressure. In stressful situations, I am able to remain calm and come up with solutions. My main goal is to get the job done and figure out the possible ways of making it happen.

My fun superpower is that I can power nap anytime! If I feel tired or lethargic, all I need is a six-minute power nap and I am ready to face my day again. It refreshes me and I come back with more energy and power.

Smaranda | Project Coordinator

My superpower, I’d say, is my eye for aesthetic detail. I probably should have studied graphic design, because I’ll catch and fix mistakes on presentations, websites, or any visual! Spending all my free time drawing and painting helps me see communication materials from both a creative and a practical perspective. I even submitted a comic-style storyboard to explain my ideas for our first animated video! Having a boss and team that value my creative spirit and encourage me to share out-of-the-box ideas like this one is the best thing about my job. 

Muhammed | Designer and Developer

I have the ability to cope with fast turnarounds really well. I feel like I was built for the scenarios where time is ticking out and still work needs to be done. I can be ten times more productive in such an environment without really even showing any signs of pressure or slowing down. This superpower used to show up in the last moments of an exam. These days, it’s useful for coping with tight deadlines. I really enjoy the adrenaline pumping through my blood in those moments that helps me to finish the task at hand.

Amrit Pal | Full Stack Developer

One of my superpowers is that whenever I’m faced with a lack of motivation, putting on my headphones and playing music instantly helps me focus on the tasks on my to-do list. Especially when I need to work on repetitive stuff, listening to upbeat music helps me to stay alert and motivated! My favorite music for getting things done is videogame soundtracks, since the music in videogames is specifically designed to motivate players while staying in the background. It sets the mood, keeps up a good rhythm, but never distracts from the work tasks.

Jaime | Software Architect & Python Author

Based on what other people tell me, apparently I’m quite good at explaining things, so I’d say that’s my superpower. Technology is a very young and growing field, so after you’ve been around for a while, you end up working quite often with developers younger than you. And simply by having been there longer, you end up having to explain things. There’s a lot of current software development that involves applying instant recipes without much thought. I try, when possible, to explain the whys and the underlying concepts. I put the extra effort in trying to go to the root of the issue and give enough context to solidify concepts.

Greg | Full Stack Developer

My strongest assets are my work ethic and my willingness to step in when needed. I’m never afraid to take on challenging or difficult tasks, and I always strive to find solutions to problems quickly and efficiently. My other superpower is the ability to balance work and fun. I can easily switch between solving a difficult task and playing console game—which is why I love working from home!

Marie-Michèle | French Content Writer

I’m an ex-auditor who left one of the Big Four to study translation and drawing before I settled—for a while—as a magazine editor. After that, I started over by earning a fine arts degree as an adult. I have got to give it to myself: I am driven. I am willing to try, and to go all in when trying, because pouring my heart into anything is the only way I can see it through. Which comes in pretty handy when you’re in the middle of changing lives just as a pandemic strikes. Or when keeping up with the rapidly evolving needs of a boutique organization in full-on growth phase; when important deadlines pile up; when multiple projects you hadn’t even dreamed of all demand immediate and undivided attention.

Call it faith, stubbornness, or delusion even, I am convinced that most of life can be learned, and that success is often a matter of putting in honest effort. And this, at times, has turned out to be a very powerful driver indeed!

Now that you’ve read about our team’s superpowers, why not think about how you would answer that question? What’s your superpower? How does it make you excellent at what you do? Tell us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn!

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