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How did B2BeeMatch come to bee?

When we were considering what to name the platform we were creating, the team behind B2Bee discussed lots of ideas. We started out by thinking about animals and insects, trying to see whether any creature fit with our sense of what the brand should be. Bees were one among many on that list. Then we abandoned that angle, and for a while we entertained thoughts about some Latin-inspired names for their elegance and multilingual portability. But we ended up circling back to the concept of bees, and the second time around, it stuck.

What about the idea of bees really worked for this platform?

Some of the reasons are obvious. According to, for instance, “Historically speaking, the bumblebee has long symbolized cooperation and productivity.” When we think of a buzzing hive, the expression “busy as a bee” comes to mind. We think of worker bees industriously producing food and shelter for the whole colony. Bees travel far and wide to find pollen and use complex dances to show other bees where the best sources lie. Teamwork among bees is unparalleled in the natural world. Put it all together, and they’re a great metaphor for today’s fast-paced, collaborative workplace.

But it goes beyond the obvious, too. Bees pollinate the plants and trees we rely on as human beings. Our ecosystems would collapse without them. We see small and medium businesses in a similar way—often flying beneath the radar, and yet still crucial to the world’s economy. So for us, bees represent the power of the little guy. And the power of bringing small businesses together to cross-pollinate. Healthy competition is good for everyone, but sometimes we also need to have each other’s backs. B2Bee aims to do that. After all, you might not notice an individual bee buzzing around, but a swarm can be pretty formidable. When we team up... watch out!

Also, the work bees do helps the world be a better place. We think small and medium businesses have huge potential to do that as well. Most of us aren’t just profit-motivated. We also have a vision that goes beyond the bottom line. That’s why the B2Bee platform gives you space to highlight the forward-thinking aspects of your company as a key element of your profile.

Also, black and yellow looks really sharp.

Of course it also helps that bees are associated with a bright, friendly colour like yellow, with bold black as a contrast—great for visually powerful branding that conveys our values of both informality and professionalism.

As well, the name “B2Bee” references the common acronym “B2B,” meaning business-to-business, while incorporating the bee motif. In our branding exercises, it began to feel to us like maybe it was just... meant to bee.

As you may have noticed, it also occurred to us that bees provided us with a wealth of opportunities for terrible puns and dad jokes. We try not to overdo it, but every once in a while, we give in and make a reference to “good bzzzzzness practices” or write an article about how we “came to bee.”

After all, it’s important to remember how to smile. In the world of small and medium businesses, most of us are pretty ambitious and driven. Sometimes we can get overworked and stressed out and lose sight of the gentler, funnier aspects of the world. The joy of working in a forward-thinking environment, the great feeling that comes with creating your own dynamic team, and the satisfaction of achieving success on your own terms. Sometimes we just have to relax, even just for a minute. We’d like to help with that in a small way by giving you a platform that’s anything but square, stale and boring. Hence, the occasional bee joke. We promise they won’t... sting.

Overall, we think bees are pretty great. And we want to keep in mind both the hardworking and the friendly aspects of these tiny creatures in everything we do with B2BeeMatch.

That’s it for today. We’ll be posting lots more content as the platform grows, so check back soon for more. Right now, we’ve got lots of things to do... and places to bee!

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