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Cross-pollinate. brings you business matchmaking like it’s never been done before! is for SMEs that provide business services of all kinds—legal, HR, project management, accounting, marketing, design and beyond.


Are you a business seeking new clients?

We’ll match you with organizations that are looking to hire you for what you do best.


Are you a business looking to scale up with the help of specific services?

We’ll match you with exactly the organizations you need.


Are you a business seeking to outsource elements of a time-bound project?

We’ll match you with the perfect SME to help you get to the finish line.

Your business can bee more.

B2BeeMatch lets you bring in the expertise you need to fill out your offer so you can focus on your core business. We vet each company that signs up, and the B2BeeMatch platform connects you only if you’re both interested in working together.

Fly far while staying in the comfort of your own hive!

We’re here to amplify your opportunities by creating a truly borderless business world. With B2BeeMatch, you can prioritize getting the perfect fit. Find exactly the expertise you need instead of defaulting to the firm that’s closest to home.

How did we come to bee?

The B2BeeMatch platform was created by an SME and designed for SMEs. We know exactly how challenging it can be to scale up, outsource and find the right clients. We know the stakes are high and you have to trust the businesses you deal with. And we know that SMEs are drastically underserved—even though we’re crucial to the economy. We want us all to thrive!

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